3 Ways Citrix ShareFile Helps You Get More From Microsoft

Citrix and Microsoft can come together to deliver a best-in-class experience that takes secure file sharing and real-time collaboration to the next level. More than 20 million business users and 80,000 customers already rely on ShareFile for secure collaboration.

Here’s a look at 3 ways Microsoft plus ShareFile can give your users an even simpler way to access and secure data on any device, anywhere.

1. Providing control over document sprawl
With critical documents stored in a wide range of repositories like SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, ShareFile connects to these data sources— adding a layer of security while enabling mobility.

  • Use ShareFile to connect Office 365, SharePoint, network shares and additional data repositories from a single app
  • Get a single view of your files across Microsoft and non-Microsoft locations
  • Access your files remotely from anywhere on any device without using FTP or VPN

2. Simplifying and securing external file sharing
ShareFile makes it simple to share documents both internally and externally, all while keeping everything secure.

  • Securely send and share large files on any device
  • Optimize file syncing across devices
  • Control and track file downloads

3. Streamlining document and approval workflows
With ShareFile you can launch a time saving workflow directly from your account and track the entire process in real-time.

  • Edit and co-author documents with Microsoft Office web viewing
  • Send documents for feedback and approvals or custom build your own workflow
  • Request legally-binding electronic signatures for contracts and other important documents
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