Document Management

Manage the complete document lifecycle

For employees and teams, working with large amounts of data from diverse sources can get complicated fast. ShareFile makes it easy to keep things organized with simple-to-use document management tools—for seamless collaboration with colleagues and clients. 

Conduct one-click document preparation with integrated e-signature

A drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to add the form fields you need signers to fill out. Avoid mistakes as clients are guided through the signing process, preventing lost documents, errors, and omissions that can come with attachments, printing, and scans.

Stay organized with version control

Track projects easily and prevent errors with an automatic version history of every change and revision made to a document. Instead of getting a separate new version from each author and reviewer, you’ll see all edits tracked in a single, central ShareFile version in real time.

Collaborate without friction

Retrieve and send documents effortlessly. With ShareFile, you can search by any criteria, using any device, to find what you need whenever you need it. Large files can be sent from your inbox or through a secure link for efficient collaboration with clients

Maintain absolute security

Achieve enterprise-level data protection whether your company has five employees or 100,000. ShareFile makes it simple to track and review how accounts are being used and who’s accessing files and folders. Granular yet easy-to-use security controls help you protect data and meet compliance requirements.

Streamlined email security 

Send encrypted email right from your online portal. And the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, which protects both your email copy and all attachments using encryption in one simple step, offers the security you need without adding any additional steps or cumbersome requirements to your work.

Custom client portal

Provides a personalized experience for stakeholders collaborating, uploading, and downloading documents from outside your organization. Branded with your own company identity, a ShareFile client portal makes a professional impression on clients while safeguarding ongoing projects with enterprise-level security features.

Co-author documents live, where you chose to work

Integration with Microsoft 365 enables ShareFile users to collaborate within the context of where they work. Whether they’re in the ShareFile web interface, desktop application, or the Microsoft Teams app, users can create, share, and collaborate with ease.

Total control of file permissions

With ShareFile, you’re only giving access to the users that you want, when you want. You choose how robust user permissions are on files, whether view-only, downloadable, or complete access.

Complete visibility

A timeline of activity on documents helps you gain important insight into where and when users have navigated through an account, including who is accessing which data.

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