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The modern business landscape demands constant connectivity. Remote working is a current trend that allows your organization to recruit talent, while simultaneously giving your employees the flexibility they demand.

To avoid complications when your workforce is spread across numerous locations, employees need access to their files wherever they may be. With ShareFile Sync, you can give your teams the tools to keep productivity high no matter where they are.

Here's what ShareFile’s enterprise file sync and share has to offer.

Set up file sync and never worry about backups again

Available for both PC and Mac, ShareFile Sync is a simple application that automatically syncs a folder on your computer with folders in your ShareFile account - all in real-time.

This allows for easy, automatic updates and backup of your data, across all devices. So, you could be finalizing a document on your office desktop, before finishing it off on the train on your laptop. ShareFile does all the heavy lifting for you, meaning you can concentrate on what you do best.

Any folders and the files within those folders are stored in the cloud and synced across devices using ShareFile Sync. This means you can access what you need from anywhere, on any device, at any time. No complicated backups, no impractical email.

Instant file sync capabilities

When you use our file sync software, files automatically upload to ShareFile when you save them to the synced folders and subfolders on your local device.

ShareFile sync works in real-time. The second you save a file to your synced folder, it automatically syncs to ShareFile. Within seconds, a co-worker across the office or halfway around the world can access your newly saved version.

Selective sync puts you in control

You may not want all the files on your computer synced to ShareFile, and similarly, you may not need everything in ShareFile synced to your local device. Enterprise file sync software with ShareFile offers selective sync settings, so you can choose only the folders and subfolders you'd like to sync across devices.

Right-click to send files or copy links to files

You can even send files using the sync tool. In any folder you have synced, simply right-click a file to either send it using ShareFile or to copy a link to the file to your clipboard so you can paste into an email or other location.

When sharing files with us, our industry-leading security measures give you peace of mind your business data is safe.

●      File sharing is secured with SSL/TLS encryption protocols, and file storage using AES 256-bit encryption

●      Files are kept safe using SSAE 16 Type II certified data centers, proven cloud data protection used in e-commerce and online banking

Simple installation

Whether you are on a PC or Mac, the sync tool is simple to install. Available in the Apps section of your ShareFile account, you can be set up and running in minutes. Try ShareFile free for 30 days and discover how ShareFile Sync technology can prepare your business for the demands of modern life.

Effortless data backup

The biggest benefit of using enterprise file sync software? Your data is synced to the cloud without you having to do any extra work. Disaster recovery is something many small businesses neglect, and it can lead to the loss of data if your main device is lost or damaged. With file sync, if something happens to your device or you are on the go away from your computer, your important company data is always safe and waiting for you in the cloud.

For your business, it means an end to costly in-house servers and troublesome disaster recovery. No special expertise or costly in-house IT guru required - just a secure backup of your company’s indispensable data, handled by us.

Increase productivity for all your team members

For the individual worker, syncing your files can help you stay organized as you pick up business at different locations during your working week. And for teams, ShareFile Sync can help employees collaborate without being in the same location.

Sync a work folder that’s shared with your team and allow them to access all the files within it, editing and uploading new versions wherever they are. ShareFile Sync works across platforms and devices too. Files can be accessed, downloaded, edited and uploaded from a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop, or Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

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How enterprise file sync and share works

Install ShareFile Sync
Available on Windows or Mac, simply download the ShareFile Sync app to get started. You’ll find it in the “Apps” section of the ShareFile web app. Use your ShareFile login credentials to link the app to your account.

Select your folders to sync
During the installation process, you’ll be asked which folders you wish to sync. ShareFile Sync leaves you in control of your files, offering you the flexibility to sync some files into the cloud but keep others on your device’s internal storage.

Access, upload and edit files
You’ll find your synced folders in exactly the same place as all the other files on your desktop or laptop. To get started with file sync, just create, edit or load a file and drop it into the relevant folder. ShareFile will immediately sync that file, making it available to anyone with the correct credentials.

Share files in seconds
ShareFile sync works with our secure file sharing system to make distributing files with colleagues or clients easy. Right click on the relevant file to generate a secure, shareable link in seconds.

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ShareFile gave us security that met client requirements. User experience is everything. Integrating with ShareFile has made things very simple for the end user.
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