ShareFile for All Industries

ShareFile is loaded with features and integrations that make file sharing easy, for any business.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin
Encrypt emails and send and request files securely right from your inbox.

ShareFile Mobile Apps
Access, share, edit and store files any time, anywhere, from iOs, Android, etc.

ShareFile Sync
Sync files from your desktop to keep your information up to date across all devices.

ShareFile Featured Industries

Having this capacity to upload imaging studies is efficient, a huge time saver. It's definitely a value add to our work, and it keeps costs down for us and our clients.
Julie Pemberton
NorthGauge Healthcare Advisors

Organize and share lots of data - fast and easy.

"ShareFile really allows us to keep our data secure and streamline our operations. The service makes a very complex project run more smoothly."

Gerard Alolod, Virginia Commonwealth University

Determine who can see what - and who can't.

"We work with a plethora of teams within any given client and not everyone needs the same level of access to project files. With ShareFile’s granular folder-level permissions, we’re able to customize security settings."

Scott Petinga, AKQURACY marketing and communications