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Send large files and avoid those bounce backs

Figuring out how to email large files while avoiding bounce backs and clogging up your recipient’s inbox is not an easy task. Whether it’s a presentation full of images, a video file or a huge end of year report, sending your large documents online can be problematic. ShareFile can provide a solution that makes sending computer files, big or small, as simple as can be.

Avoid email restrictions that hold your business back

Data transfer between colleagues, businesses and devices is an everyday occurrence and until cloud file sharing software like ShareFile came along, sending large files could be a difficult task for both the sender and recipient.

With ShareFile, you can make sure you never have problems again when you email large files, meaning you can quickly and efficiently get important documents where you need them to be. You can send up to 100GB to any recipient, whether they’re inside or outside your company, giving you powerful file sharing at your fingertips.

Not only that, once your file arrives with your intended recipient, you won’t find yourself burdening them with a huge file in their inbox. ShareFile can simply send them a link to access your information in our secure, cloud-based storage.

Combine ShareFile with Microsoft Outlook to email large files

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms for business email. It’s something that most people are familiar with, so it makes sense that you should be able to use Outlook for large file transfer. Using the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you get all the benefits of that familiarity, but include the added perk of being able to send big files without any problems.

There are numerous options for you when sharing large files through ShareFile and Outlook, these include:

Copy and paste
You can quickly and simply copy a secure link to any computer file and paste it into the body of an email. This way, your recipient can click the link and instantly access your document.

Convert and shrink
You can set ShareFile to automatically convert any attachments over a certain size to a ShareFile link. Your document will no longer go into the email as a huge file, rather it’ll be a convenient link for the recipient to follow.

Right-click and send
Using the ShareFile Plugin, you can right-click on any file that you want to send and click ‘send to’. Simply select ‘Mail Recipient with ShareFile’ and a new message will open with a link to your file. Easy.

Whatever device you’re using, you can still send large files

These days, you could be conducting business from anywhere. It might be the office, on the train, in the air or from the comfort of your bed. Wherever business is happening that day it shouldn’t limit how easily you can send large files. With your ShareFile account, you can email large files or folders wherever you are.

Whether you’re using a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can access your ShareFile account and share your files at any time and any place. Sending a computer file shouldn’t be limited to desktop computers.

Outlook plugin
With the Microsoft Outlook ShareFile Plugin, you’ll also have the ability to choose how you want to send your link. Once you’ve generated a ShareFile link to your large file, you can send it via IM, personal email, group messaging platform and more.

The convenience of using the ShareFile Outlook Plugin to send big files doesn’t stop there. You can set your Outlook preferences to either replace all files over a certain size with ShareFile links, or alternatively choose it as your default setting when sending attachments.

ShareFile mobile app
Most services these days offer a mobile app and ShareFile is no different. Whether you’re on iOS, Android or Windows, you’ll be able to download the ShareFile App. This means that you’ll be able to send large files at the swipe of a finger.

The app isn’t just limited to sending files. You’ll be able to access the broad range of features that ShareFile offer, all from your mobile device or tablet.

Make sending big files the easiest part of your day

If you have need to email large files, it doesn’t need to be a hassle. With ShareFile, you can simply and efficiently get your computer files to the people who need them. Every file you send will benefit from our bank-level encryption, meaning there’s no risk. ShareFile securely protects both the email and the attachment, making it ideal for those who work with sensitive data on a regular basis.

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