Build your ideal content collaboration solution

Drive better results, faster, with a platform users love

Provide better ways to work

Boost user productivity and efficiency with a unified experience for document management, team collaboration, and electronic signatures—without compromising the security of sensitive information. Instead of spending time on low-value processes, hopping from app to app, or using print-and-scan for signatures, ShareFile lets users build and execute secure, document-centric workflows with co-workers, partners, and clients. Team members get a better work experience, while IT gains visibility and control. 

Combine user convenience with IT security

Accelerate business efficiency while protecting data at the same time. Employees can access files and collaborate with clients and internal teams from any device or location—while IT maintains strict security standards wherever and however they work. 

Simplify your data storage strategy 

Keep all your options open by unifying document management and access without the need for data migration. With ShareFile, you can combine simple, cost-efficient public cloud storage with on-prem or private cloud storage according to your business and compliance needs. Users get a unified experience to access documents anywhere, while IT gets a single point of management and control. 

Enable secure work from anywhere 

Support remote and hybrid employees as easily as office-based users with complete productivity and collaboration tools they can use on any device, from any location. Employees can share documents, collect feedback, get approvals and legally binding signatures, and more—while you maintain tight control over company data.

"It’s a single place to work. We can set up the structure so everyone can see what they need and nobody can see what they shouldn’t,” he notes. “It’s very easy to manage, and that’s really powerful for us."
Craig Jeffery
Managing Partner
Strategic Treasurer

Secure email  

Protect both email messages and any attachments using the same encryption as an online bank. Recipients can reply with encrypted secure email even if they aren’t ShareFile customers.

Microsoft 365 integration

Improve collaboration and security. Integrations with Microsoft 365, Office 365 apps, OneDrive, and ShareFile let you enhance productivity via document workflows and e-signatures, share OneDrive documents securely with anyone, and use one app to access files across OneDrive, SharePoint, and internal network shares.

Superior reliability and redundancy 

Keep users connected and productive with 99.9 percent uptime and disaster recovery centers in the United States and Europe, with configurable file backup, archiving, and versioning.

Simple, detailed user provisioning and permissions

Easily add and administer users through the ShareFile web portal, and set custom permissions by file, folder, user, or device.

Business-class security

Keep employee and business information safe with bank-level data encryption and customizable security settings. Granular permission controls give the right internal and external users the right level of access. Expert support helps you maintain SEC, HIPAA, FINRA and CFPB compliance with confidence.