Feedback and Approval Workflows

Make collaboration simple and efficient

Simplify your most complex collaboration workflows 

Get faster feedback and approvals on files with a single, simple feedback and approval workflow. ShareFile eliminates the confusion and delays of email-based commenting and editing so you can keep projects moving smoothly.

Manage document feedback in real time

Send collaborators automatically generated links to documents in ShareFile—no downloads, logins, or plugins needed. You’ll see their inline comments and text highlights in real time instead of losing track of feedback in endless, overlapping email threads.

Keep edits and versions organized

Access every comment, edit, and new version through the same link so you never lose track of the latest document. Keep your team and clients on the same page with automatic versioning.

Get files approved on time, every time

Set a deadline for document approvals and send automated reminders so stakeholders move quickly. When they’re done reviewing, they can approve, reject, or request changes to your document with a click. Track everything in real time so you always know where things stand.

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