ShareFile for Accounting

Work more easily, efficiently, and securely with clients

Deliver a simple, frictionless client experience

Create a centralized, branded hub for each client to manage, share, and safely collaborate on their files. Clients get a seamless experience to send, receive, and sign documents any time, on any device.

Protect your client information 

Share and remotely access all files from one interface. Secure authentication, customizable controls and permissions settings, and bank-level data encryption help you protect your business and clients while maintaining SEC, HIPAA, and FINRA compliance. 

Increase the efficiency of your workflows

Collect your Provided by Client documents quickly and easily. Prepare documents for signing with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to add the form fields you need signers to fill out. ShareFile also makes it easy for clients to e-sign IRS Forms 8879 or 8878 to authorize e-filing for their federal tax returns or filing extensions. 

The time to find an archived report or document is reduced by more than 1 hour with ShareFile.
Better document security with ShareFile reduces the risk of accidental data exposure or a malicious data breach. Reduced security risk costs related to document sharing: $110,000

IRS-compliant e-signatures

Use knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to verify the identity of clients for remotely performed e-signatures as required by IRS rules. 

Customized branding

Send branded e-signature documents from ShareFile under your own business identity. With just a few clicks, you can customize your client portal with your company logo, color scheme, and e-signature workflows.

Other Major Features

Natively integrated e-signatures
Send documents for legally binding, industry compliant e-signature on any device and have them saved back to ShareFile automatically. Save frequently used documents as templates to save time in the future.


Large documents
Send and receive files totaling up to 100 GB at a time without being restricted by email size limits.


Document management
Manage, secure, and control documents through a single interface no matter where files are stored. Deliver a rich user experience on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, including drag-and-drop file sharing and storage native to how employees work.


Encrypted email
Easily share sensitive documents with external clients by using the “get a link” or “email with Citrix files” feature. Both the message of your email and any attachments use the same encryption as an online bank. Your clients can even reply with their content with an encrypted email.


Request List
Automate collection of all of your client’s documents securely in one place – no emails, multiple versions, and back-and-forth with clients needed. Utilize a client portal to streamline ongoing collaboration and exchange documents securely.


Configurable permissions 
Set file-specific permissions on who can view what, when, and for how long. Require people to log in to download a shared file. Limit how long a file can be accessed, and how many times it can be downloaded.