ShareFile for Financial Services

Create an effortless experience for your financial industry clients and employees

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Send, share, store, and e-sign with a single solution—with compliance and security 
Spend less time managing processes so you can stay focused on business and clients. Reduce headaches around common financial industry workflows, including loan processes, M&A activities, onboarding new clients, and collaborating on confidential financial information. 

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Exceed client expectations
Create digital experiences that boost satisfaction and retention. Easy ways to collaborate make your financial services effective and efficient for both clients and employees.

Accelerate turnaround times

Streamline tedious collaboration workflows for your clients’ financial processes. With simpler ways to share, organize, get feedback and approval, and request e-signatures for documents, financial professionals can devote more time to what really matters—your clients.

Simplify security 

Easily share and receive large files like client data, financial spreadsheets, and legally binding documents with a few clicks. With bank-level encryption and numerous customizable granular access control settings, your sensitive financial files are always protected.

It's a single place to work. We can set up the structure so everyone can see what they need, and nobody can see what they shouldn’t.
Craig Jeffery
Managing Partner
Strategic Treasurer

Simplify the most complex finance workflows

Client portals
Create a seamless experience for new and existing clients to improve satisfaction. Shorten turnaround times and ensure secure document exchange and access at any time.


Agreement workflows
Generate client agreements such as loan origination forms or customer engagement letters quickly and easily. Send documents for e-signature instead of spending valuable time acquiring and uploading wet signatures into client records. 


Virtual data room
Provide a user-friendly virtual data room to handle highly confidential activities between sellers and buyers as part of a complete due diligence solution for M&A, IPOs, and other sensitive financial matters. 


World-class integrations
Connect ShareFile easily to the financial software and apps you use every day, like Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook, so you can access your favorite files in a single interface.