ShareFile for Finance Departments

Streamline financial operations and lower costs 

Unify content and document collaboration  

Provide a secure shared experience for teams to prepare financial documents and keep day-to-day records. ShareFile replaces disjointed traditional processes for managing balance sheets, cash flow, payroll, accounts receivable, and other financial content with simple, and secure ways of working. Instead of wasting time on low-value tasks like manual document management and tracking down feedback, finance department team members can access, share, and collaborate around content easily and efficiently wherever it’s stored. 

Avoid costly delays 

Eliminate the inefficiencies caused by siloed teams, complex collaboration, and the need for IT assistance. ShareFile lets users control the view permissions for their own documents so they can get right to work with stakeholders. With full visibility into document workflows like feedback and approval, team members can keep financial processes moving swiftly and deliver better service to the business.

Improve operational efficiency

Remove bottlenecks with time-saving processes and a single tool to gather feedback, review, approve, and get legally binding e-signatures for key financial documents—all with full security and regulatory compliance. 

"Document-sending and sharing improvements with ShareFile add up to nearly $498,000 in efficiency improvements."
Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of ShareFile 2016
"ShareFile speeds up employee collaboration and other work tasks, adding up to a productivity benefit of more than $185,000."
Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of ShareFile 2016

Centralized content 

Give finance team members a single, secure place to access, review, and approve all their documents no matter where they’re stored. ShareFile enables unified search for content across all your storage locations on-prem and in the cloud. That way, people never have to waste time tracking down files—without the need to migrate data or change your storage strategy.


Granular content access

Change folder and document access settings with a couple of clicks to facilitate confidential transitions and ensure due diligence duties are met.


External collaboration

Collaborate on legal documents easily and securely with external parties like customers, partners, and vendors.