Collaborate Easily to Accelerate Contract Workflows

Take tedious busywork out of collaboration workflows for onboarding, policy creation, and e-signatures with clients. ShareFile makes it easy to share, organize, request e-signatures, and get feedback or approval on documents so employees can stay focused on what really matters—their clients.

Streamline Client Document Review and Approval

Disjointed processes and workflows can slow the preparation of financial documents and records while increasing the risk of errors. ShareFile helps you keep things moving to prevent delays, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. 

Access Key Documents Like Client Contracts and Agreements in One Place

Provide a secure shared experience for teams to prepare documents and keep day-to-day records. ShareFile replaces disjointed traditional processes for managing client agreements, statement of work, payroll, accounts receivable, and other content with simple, and secure ways of working. Instead of wasting time on low-value tasks like manual document management and tracking down feedback, team members can access, share, and collaborate around content easily and efficiently wherever it’s stored.

The new process with ShareFile saves around 15 minutes for each payroll run. That may not seem like much, but multiply that by several hundred clients each month and the savings start to be become significant.
Claire Pass
Payroll Department Supervisor
Hawsons Chartered Accountants

Expedite the Signing Process

When it’s time for signatures, ShareFile integrates seamlessly with RightSignature so you can quickly gather legally binding, IRS-approved e-signatures. 

Get files approved on time, every time

Set a deadline for document approvals and send automated reminders so stakeholders move quickly. When they’re done reviewing, they can approve, reject, or request changes to your document with a click. Track everything in real time so you always know where things stand.

Other Major Features

Control access to files
Single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and granular permissions prevent unauthorized access and usage, while built-in security settings let you see when your files are being accessed and by whom.


Client portals
Create a seamless client experience to improve satisfaction. Streamline collecting data and exchanging it securely with a personal portal for every new and existing client.


Granular content access
Change folder and document access settings with a couple of clicks to facilitate confidential information.


External collaboration
Collaborate on legal documents easily and securely with external parties like customers, partners, and vendors.


Strengthen Security
Clients need to know that their data is safe, and so do you. ShareFile helps you protect data, maintain compliance, track documents, and reduce the risk of malware and data breaches.


Meet IRS requirements for e-signatures:
The IRS requires tax accountants to use knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to verify the identity of their clients for remotely performed e-signatures. RightSignature is one of the few e-signature solutions that includes KBA at no additional cost.


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