ShareFile for Human Resources

Securely manage onboarding, open enrollments, and document signing—on any device, anytime

Streamline HR bottlenecks

Deliver a great employee experience from day one. With ShareFile, traditional onboarding headaches and disjointed business processes are replaced with streamlined workflows that get new hires up and running quickly and easily. HR personnel can easily and securely organize and distribute confidential information, automate complex processes with a digital work hub, and use approval and e-signature tools to get paperwork done faster—all with a single tool.

Optimize onboarding 

Save time and reduce manual paperwork with digital onboarding workflows. ShareFile provides end-to-end visibility into the signing process so you can keep things moving swiftly to completion. HR staff can easily share new hire documents and other essential information with employees so they feel fully empowered and supported. 

Simplify documentation and distribution 

Provide a single point of collaboration for document signature, storage, access, organization, and workflows. With both internal and external collaboration capabilities, ShareFile helps HR work more efficiently with candidates who haven’t yet joined the organization, as well as with recruiters, benefits providers, and other partners. Users can even combine multiple documents to send for signatures in a single package, such as contract, policies, and other addendums, so nothing falls through the cracks.

RightSignature is the simplest way to get documents signed. Period. Before, turnaround time was on average a week, and now the turnaround time is minutes.
Billy Johnson
Insurance Agent
Offices that send around 50 documents per month via RightSignature report an ROI of 25-50x, or 2500-5000%, describing significant savings in express mail and fax expenses and a reduced workload for clerical support staff.

ShareFile Tools

One centralized location for content 
Give users a unified experience to securely access documents wherever they’re stored—on-prem or in the cloud—without the need for data migration. 


Natively integrated e-signatures
Send documents for legally binding, industry compliant e-signature on any device and have them saved back to ShareFile automatically. Add signature and initial fields, text boxes, and other elements to any document easily, and save frequently used documents as templates to save time in the future.


External Collaboration
Securely and easily collaborate with external parties like candidates, recruiters, partners, and benefits providers on HR documents. 


Granular Content Access 
Easily change folder and document access settings with just a couple of clicks for confidential transitions and ensure due diligence duties are met.