ShareFile for Legal Departments

Accelerate legal team processes with streamlined document collaboration 

Heighten productivity 

Give valuable time back to legal teams with secure digital experiences. With the easy-to-use ShareFile platform, more effective and efficient legal processes allow teams to stay focused on stakeholders, not busywork.

Accelerate legal cycle times

Streamline tedious workflows for legal client onboarding, policy creation, and claim processes. With simpler ways to share, organize, get feedback and approval, and request e-signatures for documents, legal professionals can devote more time to what really matters—your clients.

Protect company data

Easily share and receive large files like M&A documents, compliance data, contracts, and case files with a few clicks. With bank-level encryption and customizable granular access control settings, your sensitive data is always protected.

Assets are our work. Managing clients’ information securely and ensuring integrity and confidentiality is our business.
Aaron Heber
Vice President

Simplify the most complex legal workflows

External collaboration
Collaborate on legal documents easily and securely with external parties like customers, partners, and vendors.


Granular content access 
Finalize M&A processes faster and maintain full document security in a virtual data room. Easily change folder and document access settings with just a couple of clicks to protect confidential transitions and ensure due diligence duties are met. 


Contract Lifecyle
Simplify document workflows to quickly retain, collaborate, share, approve, and generate e-signatures. Easily collaborate on contracts with employees, vendors, partners, and clients while ensuring absolute security and regulatory compliance. 


World-class integrations
Connect ShareFile easily to the legal software and apps you use every day, like Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook, so you can access your favorite files in a single interface.