Everything you need to work the way you want

Collaborate securely

Easily access, sync, and send files from anywhere, using any device. Customized workflows save time and simplify collaboration while giving employees and team members better ways to work. With granular access control and secure cloud storage, ShareFile is built for business—but simple to use with no need for training or IT oversight. 

Streamline collaboration

Replace slow, inefficient manual processes with faster ways to get tasks done. Discover new ways to save steps—and money—while capturing audit trails to aid security and compliance. Employees and clients can easily circulate documents for review, give feedback, and kick off automated approval workflows while avoiding manual errors. Legally binding e-signatures help you close deals in less time. All without requiring a dedicated IT team. 

Simplify content access

Make it easy for employees to work productively from any device and location. A secure portal provides effortless access to all their files while keeping IT in control over sensitive data. Flexible storage lets you divide data between your corporate network, public clouds, and private clouds without adding complexity for users. Integration with familiar business tools like Office 365 enhances productivity and convenience.

Control data wherever it’s stored

Store data wherever it makes the most sense for your business while keeping things simple for employees and clients. Use public clouds for agility, cost efficiency, and simple management, while keeping regulated data in private clouds as needed—ShareFile gives you the flexibility to choose and combine environments as needed. 

Get e-signatures from anywhere

Finalize deals and contracts more quickly, at a lower cost, with the ability to receive legally binding e-signatures securely from any place or device.

Assets are our work. Managing clients’ information securely and ensuring integrity and confidentiality is our business. That’s facilitated by ShareFile.
Aaron Heber
VP, Global IT

Gold star security

Secure your data with app and datacenter controls validated to meet demanding auditing standards like SOC 2 and SSAE 16. Bank-level encryption protects data in transit and at rest. Two-factor authentication and single sign-on prevent unauthorized access without impeding productivity. Sensitive documents can be shared with external clients without ever leaving your environment simply by sending a secure link. For the highest security, you can set a link expiration date, require recipients to log in, and instantly close link access if needed. 

Email encryption

Extend protection across both emails and attachments with the ShareFile plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Users can automatically encrypt email messages and convert attachments to secure ShareFile links—quickly and easily. 

Other Major Features

Legally binding e-signatures

Cut admin time by up to 93% with a secure solution to get documents signed in minutes—not days.   


Custom client portal

Put your best foot forward by letting clients upload and download documents using a portal branded to look like your company, not ours.


Streamlined co-editing and co-authoring

Co-author documents with Microsoft 365 integration.


Secure data access

Keep control by providing granular access to folders and connectors across the account. Employees get to choose how recipients view or download data.