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Secure FTP (FTPS) has been a trusted solution for a long time. When there were no better options on the market, businesses were forced to overlook some of the shortcomings of it - namely complicated software installations, slow upload times and cumbersome client interfaces - because of the security it offered and the size of the files it could handle.

Today, there's just no reason to deal with the hassles of an FTP site, when a built-for-business solution like ShareFile, offers trusted data protection without any of the complications, software downloads or slow upload times.

If you think that secure FTP is your only or your best option for secure, large file transfer, here are four reasons that ShareFile may convince you that it's time for a technology upgrade.

1. No software installations - for you or your clients

Secure FTP uses SSL/TLS encryption protocols to protect files, and so does ShareFile. So the security is the same, but the experience of using ShareFile is far superior. For an FTP site, you have to have a client installed on both your device and your recipients device - and your recipients must have a username and password to securely download the files.

Because ShareFile is cloud based, you can send files right from your web browser, no software installation required. In addition, unlike FTPS, your recipients don't have to have a username or password to securely view and download their files.

2. Fast large file transfer - up to 100 GB at once

Some people also use FTPS for the ability to send massive files or a large batch of files all at once. But the process can be fairly slow and cumbersome.

With ShareFile, you can send large files and large batches of multiple files, up to 100 GB total, all at once. And it doesn't require any more work, time or steps to do so. With the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you can even send large files or large batches of files right from your inbox, for even simpler sharing.

3. Easy collaboration - updated files synced automatically across devices

Sending files with FTPS is a one-way street, usually. If you make changes to a file, you have to re-upload them and resend them - and hope that the recipient uses the updated version.

With ShareFile, you have the option to send files individually, but you can give recipients secure access to entire private folders for easier collaboration. If a recipient has access to a folder, you can use Microsoft Office 365 to co-edit files right in ShareFile, and all changes are automatically saved to your account. Or if you make changes, recipients will always have instant access to the most current version.

4. Cloud-based simplicity - access and share from any computer or mobile device

It's not just that there isn't a simple way to collaborate with secure FTP, it's also that there's no simple way to use it on the go.

With ShareFile, you can access, share, sync and edit files from any device - any computer, smartphone or tablet - anytime, anywhere. Running to a meeting and forgot to send that huge presentation over? Don't worry - a few taps is all it takes from your phone with ShareFile.

And that's not all. Besides a hassle free file transfer experience, ShareFile also offers great features like seamless e-signature software, simple email encryption, and robust mobile apps. See why thousands of businesses choose ShareFile over FTP for their secure file transfer needs. Try it free!

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