ShareFile for Legal Firms and Professionals

Work more efficiently and securely from anywhere

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Protect proprietary information 
Maintain a high level of confidentiality. With ShareFile, documents are accessed via secure link wherever they’re stored—not attached to emails. Bank-level encryption, granular permissions, and customizable security help you comply with SEC, HIPAA and, FINRA regulations.

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Accelerate turnaround times 
Streamline tedious collaboration workflows for your clients’ legal processes. With simpler ways to share, organize, get feedback and approval, and request e-signatures for documents, legal professionals can devote more time to what really matters—your clients.

Enable a seamless work experience

Give employees and clients a single point of access to all their document, storage, access, organization, activity workflows, and e-signature tools from anywhere, on any device. Feedback and approval tools keep comments and edits within documents themselves, not buried in separate emails.

Provide a secure client portal

Create a centralized, branded hub for each client to manage, share, and safely collaborate on their files. Clients get a seamless experience to send, receive, and sign documents any time, on any device.

We work in a dynamic, evolving environment characterized by very high mobility. Quality is very important for us, we do not take shortcuts, which is why we needed a modern, but proven and secure IT solution to support the productivity of our employees.
Krzysztof Wiater
Managing Partner
NGL Legal

Large documents

Use ShareFile links instead of email attachments to send and receive files totaling up to 100 GB at a time without being restricted by email size limits. Create upload links to let clients send completed forms and other documents back to you.


Send documents for legally binding, industry compliant e-signatures on any device and have them saved back to ShareFile automatically. Save frequently used documents as templates to save time in the future.

Other Major Features

Secure email
Easily share sensitive documents with external clients by using the “get a link” or “email with Citrix files” feature. 


Document workflows
Keep everyone up to date on new activity with automated email notifications on edits, approvals, and e-signatures.


Microsoft integration
Connect ShareFile easily to the legal software and apps you use every day, like Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook, so you can access your favorite files in a single interface.