Top tips to get the most out of your ShareFile experience

Recently, we created an on-demand webinar series that focuses on some of the most frequently asked questions we get from users who are looking to optimize their ShareFile experience. These sessions, led by experts, addresses advanced security settings and will enable easier collaboration with teammates and will even accelerate workflows by adding e-signature and approvals to vital documents.

Let’s look at some of the top tips from the series that will help you to get the most out of your ShareFile experience.

Tip 1: Eliminate inbox-clogging attachments by sending links to stored files

In this feature spotlight, learn about the Citrix Files for Microsoft Outlook plug-in. Avoid email restrictions that hold your business back. Using the ShareFile plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, you will be able to send large files without any problems. Citrix Files encrypted email allows you to encrypt the body of your message to your recipient, along with any attachments, with industry-standard AES 256 bit encryption.

Watch now: 15-minute ShareFile feature spotlight: Citrix Files for Outlook

Tip 2: Enable and review ShareFile security features

ShareFile provides the most advanced security solutions, giving your documents the same level of data protection as online banking -- both in transit and at rest. In this webinar, review how to enable advanced features such as authentication options using multi-factor authentication, using email encryption, and connecting with a Data Loss Prevention integration. You will also see how to use the reporting feature to review file usage. In addition, learn about enabling RightSignature if your plan is licensed. Users can send documents for legally-binding electronic signature directly from their ShareFile account. It supports PDF, Microsoft Word, RTF, and TXT file types for upload.

Watch now:  Top 5 features to keep you secure with ShareFile (32:26)

Tip 3: ShareFile Admins should utilize the advanced admin settings

This webinar provides a detailed overview of the ShareFile administrator settings that every admin should use. It starts with a short overview of initial ShareFile account set-up – like how to get started creating users and folders. It then goes into more advanced settings like creating ShareFile folders in bulk. The topics covered include:

Watch now:  How well do you know your ShareFile Admin settings (45:06)

Tip 4: Enable the top two features to get to maximum productivity

The top two features that will get you to maximum productivity are the User Management Tool for Admins and the Citrix Files for Windows integration for end-users.

The User Management Tool enables Admins to provision employee user accounts and ShareFile distribution groups from Active Directory (AD). It allows provisioned users to sign in to ShareFile and Citrix Files using their AD credentials. Admins can specify options including the authentication method and default storage zone for each provisioning rule. Once set up, use distribution groups to manage folders and easily share documents with a group. Learn more here: User Management Tool enables quick provisioning

The Citrix Files for Windows integrations enable seamless access within the context of work. All connected file repositories are shown via a mounted drive in Widows file explorer. This article shows how to use Citrix Files for Windows to access your files directly through a mapped drive. There’s even a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook to automatically convert email attachments to links. With offline access, users can modify the file on the go and once the user reconnects their device, all local changes are synced back to the user’s account. Any changes made to an item the user has marked offline is also synced down locally to their device. Review this documentation for how to install.

Watch now: Get the most out of your ShareFile account

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