ShareFile for Construction

Collaborate on construction documents, blueprints, and CAD files with simple, secure and seamless file sharing

Microsoft Outlook Plugin
Encrypt emails, and send or request construction files securely right from your inbox.

ShareFile Mobile Apps
Access, share, edit and store files anytime, anywhere, from iOS, Android, etc.

ShareFile Sync
Sync construction files from any device, and instantly update information across all of your other devices.

Share construction documents on any device

View and share designs, drawings, and images from any device, anywhere — without email restrictions or cumbersome file transfer protocol (FTP). From unique CAD drawings to detailed blue prints, ShareFile is the simple, secure way to share large files with one client or your entire construction company.

Secure business-class file sharing

Easily share and receive large files — like CAD drawings, blueprints, or plans and specs with a few clicks. Our paperless system minimizes clutter and allows you to ditch the thumb drives and confusing passwords. What's more, with bank-level encryption and more than 25 customizable security settings your construction business and client files are always protected.

Secure remote access to desktops

Seamlessly access office PCs and apps from anywhere — office, home, or job site — on any device.

Powerful capacity for collaboration

Launch a streamlined workflow to give and receive accurate, real-time feedback and approval on files, RFPs, images, and more. You can also get legally binding e-signatures so projects conveniently move along with speedy approvals.

We have been able to avoid sending large files through email, which has many limitations that ShareFile overcomes. Communication is much more secure for file transfers to and from clients. Everything is easy to perform, keep track of, and our efficiency has increased.
Earl Dillon,
J.R. Miller & Associates, Inc.

File sharing resources for contractors

File check-in/check-out

Our check-in/check-out feature prevents changes from getting lost, and it lets you see who has downloaded your construction files for updates.

Print to ShareFile

Pull files directly in ShareFile from BidPlanroom or any other construction software without having to download data to an unsecure local device or unapproved site.

ShareFile Sync

Quickly move and automatically sync all of your construction files to the cloud so you can access, store, share, and get feedback — anywhere, on any device, to any client or team member.